Noble Asset Management

Founded in Malaysia, Noble Asset Management (M) Pte Ltd is mainly running energy related investment business domestically and globally.

The company mainly engaged in the exploration, development of domestic and foreign oil and gas, oil and natural gas sales, domestic and foreign petroleum engineering contracting, labor export, high-tech development, development and sales of petrochemical products, building materials, real estate development, foreign trade and trade (The above projects involved licenses & approvals to operate the business).

We have always committed to mutual trust and cooperation, and actively contribute to support the strategic development of all countries, for countries to contribute to energy solutions, and to create substantial value for the oil business growth.

Noble Asset Management is expanding its investment in Asia, Europe, and North America, and also studying Chinese, Southeast Asian countries investment projects in different areas.

We have reason to believe that: With a global vision, “blue sky” strategy, world-class team of professors, Surmount Business School will follow the “Three Kingdoms” strategic roadmap towards the goal of a new generation of global business schools dream.